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Do you feel like you own too many things? Are you constantly picking up your possessions throughout your house? If the answer is yes, then you are up for a challenge! Decluttering your home is a form of self-care that is reflected in your living space. There are many positives about owning less. Here are some tips for simplifying your living space, so your house can look like the ones in the magazines!

Start small. Organize a dresser, or a single drawer a day. Group items by their use. Donate any items that have fallen into disuse. Only keep items that are in the best condition. Commit to using those items before acquiring new ones. Repeat this exercise throughout the house. If the item is broken, stained, or just looks worn out, it must go, no matter how comfortable it is or how much you love it. Your interiors and clothing are reflections of who you are. Letting go can be hard, but eventually it will feel normal.

Avoid impulsive online shopping. Do you shop online too much, or too often? I suggest that the next time you fill up your online shopping cart, let a day go by without purchasing any of it. The next day, ask yourself if you still love and need the items. If you still do, then purchase and enjoy.

Become immune to the sale sign. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy something just because it is at discounted price. By adopting this mindset, you will avoid owning unnecessary items and collecting more clutter. Shop with mindfulness and try to make sure every item you purchase reflects your style.

Value your time. Owning less saves time. Shopping and doing returns consume precious time out of your day. Instead of buying more things, how about you make time for the activities you enjoy doing and often don’t get to?

Embrace empty space. Every item that you let inside your home fills up space. It is good practice to embrace the emptiness of the space. If you are on board with this concept, you can start by gifting experiences, instead of material things. When you own less, you own more space, and have less to clean and maintain. It is a win-win situation. I highly encourage you to try it.

Before purchasing an item, consider its environmental impact. Instead of getting rid of old items, my European family used to store everything just in case the possessions might be usable in the future. Before the frenzy of hyper-consumerism, people used to own less objects that were made of high quality and generally passed from generation to generation. I understand and respect the way it worked. Today, we shop too much and get rid of things too easily. In our modern society, most furniture is disposable, and trash is a by-product of almost all of our actions. By mindfully purchasing possessions that will add lasting value to your home, you can limit your environmental impact.

Value experiences. I find it interesting how millennials have quite a different mindset when it comes to ownership. They prefer to rent an Airbnb instead of purchasing a property, and they spend most of their income on gastronomy and experiences. When contemplating purchasing more items, consider whether filling your space with more possessions will make you happier, or if the money might be enjoyed more if put towards a spontaneous weekend getaway.

I hope this article can help you adopt small daily changes in your routine that will lead to a clutter free space. Make sure to follow the path that works for you!