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After renovations and new construction projects I see a pattern. Clients have matured into a new style they wish to grow and find themselves feeling that their belongings do not suit the new style nor fit the new space. The house looks brand new and a bit empty. Fear is in the air…

As much as clients love to see the finished product, I strongly recommend being patient and to shop wisely. It is important to plan and ensure you have the essential furniture and accessories ready for you to move in once renovations/construction is complete, however, space should remain for future purchases. Your home is your sanctuary, it should tell your story, reflect who you are, and what you love the most. It is my goal that my clients’ homes feel collected, instead of just decorated. The right pieces of furniture and finishing materials will become conversational pieces, and the wow factor that will create the feeling of a memorable home. As you know, life is a journey and besides being patient, I would like to ask you for a very difficult thing: to embrace the emptiness of the space. The perfect treasure that you will cherish forever is out there and just needs to be found. I promise you will thank me later.

Your home is your sanctuary, it should tell your story, reflect who you are, and what you love the most.

There is something special about being “unique” and that is why I want you to feel like your house is collected. As much as I love to help on the process of acquiring furnishings that fit the style and the space, I also tell my clients to get out and play. New memories and new adventures are part of who you are. Sometimes I can see my clients’ life through the artwork that is on the walls, in the area rugs, and in the accessories that show how much details matter.  

Need some inspirational ideas? There are many ways to find meaningful pieces that will help to reflect who you are. First, you need to have a concept, for example by choosing geometrical forms from a certain design period, or a color palette that might lead to a particular style. Moreover, it could be family pieces, or grouping items together. It could be maps, artwork from cities you have traveled, could be the kids’ artwork, antique pieces, old letters, books, ceramics, modern glassware, or vintage items…the options are endless! Final touches are important. I want my clients to shop for items that bring happy memories and to buy finish materials, artwork, and furnishings that make them smile when they walk by. I also support my clients in finding pieces that fit their style. One of my favorite places is the San Francisco Design Center, where I find the most beautiful resources.

As a final thought, I would like to remind you that the idea of “collected, not decorated” is a part of the overall design process. While you are on the search, remember that you are trying to fill in an empty space or replace an existing item, not to create clutter. Flow is important, shop wisely and happy hunting!



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